What’s Your Purpose?

By Allen J. Huth, President of the Ezra Project |

In 2 Samuel 7, David wanted to build God a house, a temple, and God said no. Now I believe we each have a purpose, a reason, that God gives us life to sojourn on this earth. And David’s purpose was not to build a temple for God, it was to establish the kingdom of Israel. To be the king the people had asked for, that they wanted and to show, by God’s design, that an earthly king could work under God’s authority and blessing.

Part of David’s purpose was to defeat the enemies of Israel and secure the land. That was a charge actually given to Joshua long ago, but never fulfilled by the tribes of Israel.

So after God said no to David about building a temple, David gets back to work, gets back to his purpose, and defeats the enemies and the occupants of the Promised Land. He defeats the Philistines, Moab, the Syrians, Edom and the Ammonites. And the Lord was with David, as David focused on his purpose, 2 Samuel 8:6 says, “And the LORD gave victory to David wherever he went.” And 2 Samuel 8:15 says, “And David administered justice and equity to all his people.”

I think the lesson for me in 2 Samuel 8 is to understand my purpose. What did God put me on the earth for? And then to stay with that purpose. You see, as David wanted to stray from that purpose, then God said, “No, no that’s what I have for you to do. I have this for you to do.” So it’s important for us to understand our purpose and then to stay with it. And as we do that, God is with us and He blesses us in whatever we do and wherever we go.

So, what is your purpose? What has God placed you here on earth to do? Do you even believe that, first of all, that God created you in your mother’s womb for a specific thing to do here on earth? I believe that. Now I don’t know that everybody does, but I certainly do. And I try to discover that purpose in my own life and then try as best I can with the Lord to fulfill that purpose.

And by looking at David’s example, he wasn’t a priest, he wasn’t a pastor, he wasn’t in full-time ministry. He had a job to do and so do you. David was a king. David was also a brilliant warrior. And also David administered justice and equity to his people.

So what do you do every day? Do you get up, do you go to work, do you slug it out? But do you have in mind that God has a purpose for your life? And can you exemplify godly characteristics in whatever God has called you to do like David? To be victorious, to do what he’s called to do, to defeat his enemies and to be fair and just to other people.

I encourage you today to think a little bit about this. What is your purpose? What has God placed you here for? Spend some time on it. It doesn’t necessarily come easy to understand that. But seek the Lord and ask Him and watch Him guide and direct your thoughts. And then go after it like David did, to be successful knowing that the Lord is with you because He put that purpose in your heart.

Father, we’re thankful that You formed each one of us in our mother’s womb. And You did so with a purpose in mind. You have something for us to do. Lord, help us discover our purpose, what You have in mind for us to do, and then do it with all our might knowing that just like with David, You were with him, You will be with us. You can give us victory in all the things that we do, if it’s aligned with Your will for our lives. And You’ll get all the glory and the praise. In Jesus’ name. Amen.