Twenty-Two Days in Revelation – Digital Download



Revelation unveils the unseen spiritual war between God and Jesus, Satan and his demons, and the future reality of eternal heaven and hell. Jesus has already won the victory by His death on the cross at Calvary and His resurrection from the dead; but the church still faces the onslaught of that old dragon. This book will remind us no one knows the day or the hour when Jesus will come again, but come again He will. To many, Revelation is too hard to understand. Yet, the message becomes more clear as we see what God has in store for us as we peer into the future through the eyes of John and the Book of Revelation. This 54-page devotion takes you through Revelation one chapter a day in twenty-two days.


Comment: My goal is not to teach the Scriptures. I go to church so pastors can teach me the Word of God. My hope, as we go through the Book of Revelation, is we get an understanding of the Scriptures we read, but, also, just as importantly, we understand how it applies to our daily lives.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for a glimpse into Your throne room. John could not describe it. We cannot comprehend it. But we are thankful You are on the throne, and You remind us in this chapter, You deserve all the glory, all the praise, all of our worship, all the time. We are reminded whatever works we do here on earth, whatever crowns we earn, we are going to cast them at Your feet when we see You on Your throne in heaven. Hallelujah, I worship You. Amen.


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