One Day in Philemon – Digital Download



Philemon was a wealthy slaveholding Christian who lived in Colossae about 100 miles inland from Ephesus. He may have heard the Gospel while Paul was in Ephesus and was saved. One of his slaves, Onesimus, fled to Rome and encounters the Apostle Paul in Rome. He, too, becomes a Christian and a helper to Paul. Paul writes Philemon to encourage him to understand the transformation Onesimus went through and receive him back, not just as a slave, but as a beloved brother. This five-page devotion takes you through Philemon’s one chapter in one day.


Comment. Those are powerful life applications from this little book tucked between Titus and Hebrews. We have seen two people significantly affected by their conversions to Christ, Philemon and Onesimus. What about you? Have you been significantly changed because of your conversion to Christ?

Prayer. Help me, Lord, to bring joy, comfort, and refreshment to those You put in my path. Holy Spirit help me be bold enough to share my conversion with others so they can come to full knowledge of You, the Lord Jesus Christ. Please help me let the Jesus in me come out to those around me. In Your name, we ask it. Amen.


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