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This 8-page devotion takes you through the two chapters of Haggai in two days.
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Haggai’s theme is the restoration of the Lord’s house. The phrase “Lord of Hosts” occurs fourteen times in the thirty-eight verses of this short book. Haggai is the only book in the Bible with two chapters. It is the second shortest book in the Old Testament. Only Obadiah is shorter. His book coincides with the books of Nehemiah and Ezra, the reoccupation of Jerusalem, the rebuilding of the wall, and the reconstruction of the temple in the sixth century. This 8-page devotion takes you through the two chapters of Haggai in two days.


Comment: Do you feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck, you cannot keep up no matter what you do, you never have enough? Are you overwhelmed and under fulfilled? If so, consider your priorities. That is exactly what Haggai is saying to the Jewish people moving back into Jerusalem.

Prayer: It is clear You do not appreciate being neglected. Forgive us Lord, for our own busyness with our own lives; sometimes too busy even for You. Lord, may Your Holy Spirit convict us right now and to say we need to rethink our priorities. Stir our spirits to put You back on the throne of our own lives.

DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE is a daily devotion for serious Bible readers. It is a stimulating journey through all 66 books of the Bible, day by day. After reading a passage of Scripture, you experience comments, life applications, and prayers each day. DAY BY DAY is based on written records of 35 years of personal Bible reading journals–unique insights—you will not get anywhere else. There are 66 downloadable chapters of DAY BY DAY, one for each book of the Bible. Get them all, one at a time, and enjoy the whole Bible day by day.

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