Day by Day Through the Bible: Twenty-Eight Days in Matthew - Digital Download

This 58-page devotion takes you through Matthew one chapter a day for twenty-eight days.
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Matthew is the first book of the New Testament. Matthew is the former tax collector who became one of the twelve apostles. Matthew wrote from the view of an apostle, an insider, close to Jesus. His primary audience is to fellow Jews, trying to persuade them Jesus is their long-awaited Messiah. Things to look for in Matthew: 1) Jesus Christ is King of the Jews; 2) there are seventeen references to Jesus fulfilling Old Testament prophecy; and 3) the phrase “the kingdom of heaven” is used thirty-two times in this book and nowhere else in the New Testament. This 58-page devotion takes you through Matthew one chapter a day for twenty-eight days.


Comment: When people hear the ancestry of this person in the Gospel of Matthew, the very first chapter, it really gets their attention. Very few people have a recorded ancestry that goes all the way back to somebody like Abraham. When these people gather around a Proclaimer and they hear the ancestry, the genealogy, of Jesus, they are amazed. They are impressed and they know why they should listen more because Jesus has credentials, he is worth listening to.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for giving us Jesus, for miraculously bringing Jesus into the world and proving through His genealogy, He was the long-awaited Messiah. We give You thanks. We look forward to what You are going to teach us in the Book of Matthew. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE is a daily devotion for serious Bible readers. It is a stimulating journey through all 66 books of the Bible, day by day. After reading a passage of Scripture, you experience comments, life applications, and prayers each day. DAY BY DAY is based on written records of 35 years of personal Bible reading journals–unique insights—you will not get anywhere else. There are 66 downloadable chapters of DAY BY DAY, one for each book of the Bible. Get them all, one at a time, and enjoy the whole Bible day by day.

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