Day by Day Through the Bible: Nine Days in Amos - Digital Download

This 25-page devotion takes you through the nine chapters of Amos in nine days.
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The theme of Amos is the universal justice of God. Though the Israelites thought God was going to judge their enemies, they did not realize judgment would instead fall on them. They would actually be held more accountable than their neighbors. This 25-page devotion takes you through the nine chapters of Amos in nine days.


Comment: So, who are you hanging around with? Are you hanging around with Christians, people who support your beliefs, or are you hanging around with pagans or non-Christians who keep tugging you away from your beliefs? Consider what kind of support you are getting for your belief in the Lord from your friends and the neighbors around you. Choose wisely.

Prayer: Today, Lord, we ask You to examine our own hearts and see if there is any wicked way in us. And if so, we give You, Holy Spirit, the right to purge it, in the name of Jesus. Renew a right Spirit within us.

DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE is a daily devotion for serious Bible readers. It is a stimulating journey through all 66 books of the Bible, day by day. After reading a passage of Scripture, you experience comments, life applications, and prayers each day. DAY BY DAY is based on written records of 35 years of personal Bible reading journals–unique insights—you will not get anywhere else. There are 66 downloadable chapters of DAY BY DAY, one for each book of the Bible. Get them all, one at a time, and enjoy the whole Bible day by day.

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