Day by Day Through the Bible: Fourteen Days in Zechariah - Digital Download

This 33-page devotion takes you through the fourteen chapters of Zechariah a chapter a day in fourteen days.
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This is the era of Nehemiah and Ezra as they rebuilt Jerusalem and the temple. They got discouraged and quit, and God sent prophets like Zechariah and Haggai to encourage them to get back to work. If the people would listen and turn back to the Lord, He would turn back to them. Of all the Old Testament books, Zechariah refers the most to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Predictions and descriptions of Christ’s crucifixion are in the Book of Zechariah. Zechariah is one of the most quoted Old Testament books in the New Testament. About fifty-four passages are echoed in about sixty-seven different places in the New Testament, mostly in the Book of Revelation. This 33-page devotion takes you through the fourteen chapters of Zechariah a chapter a day in fourteen days.


Comment: Do you need some encouragement today? I hope you got it out of Zechariah. Sure, those people had been down and out. The city had been destroyed. The people had been sent into captivity. But God is coming back. Maybe you are down. Maybe you have been destroyed. Maybe you need to pick yourself back up. God is saying, if you do, He is coming back. He will dwell in your midst. He will be a wall of fire around you once again. He will rouse Himself up from His holy dwelling for you.

Prayer: Father, we bow our hearts before You. You remind us not to despise small things, and you remind us to complete what we started. You promised You would be with Zerubbabel. You promise You will be with us, as well. Lord, give me the strength, to get back after the tasks You have given me to do. Help me be a finisher for You. In the name of Jesus, we ask it. Amen.

DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE is a daily devotion for serious Bible readers. It is a stimulating journey through all 66 books of the Bible, day by day. After reading a passage of Scripture, you experience comments, life applications, and prayers each day. DAY BY DAY is based on written records of 35 years of personal Bible reading journals–unique insights—you will not get anywhere else. There are 66 downloadable chapters of DAY BY DAY, one for each book of the Bible. Get them all, one at a time, and enjoy the whole Bible day by day.

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