Day By Day Through The Bible: Twenty-One Days in Judges - Digital Download

This 47-page devotion takes you through the twenty-one chapters of Judges in 24 days.
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The theme of Judges is the downward spiral of Israel’s national and spiritual life. It reminds us today that anything we value more than our relationship with God (i.e., family, friends, job, money) can become our god. That is what happened to the Jewish people, as they put other things before their relationship with God. What we find in the Book of Judges: the corruption of sin in life; how God calls and equips His leaders; how the least of these can be elevated by the Lord; and how He brings strength out of human weakness to accomplish His will. This 47-page devotion takes you through the twenty-one chapters of Judges in 24 days.


Comment: What is our application from Judges 2? Maybe it is time for a check-up on how serious your walk is with the Lord. Are you hearing His voice? Are you obeying His voice? Have you set God aside for other gods? What is on the pedestal of your life that is higher than the Lord right now? Are you provoking God to anger? Maybe everything in your life is not the way you think it ought to be. Maybe God is testing you to see if you are faithful to Him. He tested Israel. Is he testing you today?

Prayer: Lord, we thank You for the wins in our lives. We thank You that You do allow us to win oftentimes in life, and we want to give You the praise, the glory, and the honor for any victory we have. As we read through Judges, we see over and over You are the one who fights the battles for Israel. You are the one that allows and creates the victory. It is the same for us today, so we give You praise, and glory, and honor for the victories in our lives. In Jesus’ name, we celebrate. Amen.

DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE is a daily devotion for serious Bible readers. It is a stimulating journey through all 66 books of the Bible, day by day. After reading a passage of Scripture, you experience comments, life applications, and prayers each day. DAY BY DAY is based on written records of 35 years of personal Bible reading journals–unique insights—you will not get anywhere else. There are 66 downloadable chapters of DAY BY DAY, one for each book of the Bible. Get them all, one at a time, and enjoy the whole Bible day by day.

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