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This 52-page devotion takes you through the twenty-four chapters of Joshua in 24 days.
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The Book of Joshua is named for its leading character, Joshua, the former assistant to Moses. The theme of Joshua is Part Two of God’s grand work of redemption in the Old Testament period. Part One was under the leadership of Moses as God redeemed His people out of bondage in Egypt. Part Two, under the leadership of Joshua, is the completion of God’s promise to bring them into the Promised Land and give them rest. The book is a fascinating treatment of numerous theological topics such as: human responsibility, promised rest, faithfulness, and how God’s people respond to Him. Look for: a Biblical definition of success, examples and lessons of living by faith, why to follow God’s plan even if it does not seem to make sense, leadership succession, and a miracle as the sun stood still. This 52-page devotion takes you through the twenty-four chapters of Joshua in 24 days.


Comment: The chapter closes with Joshua seeing the commander of the Lord’s army. You talk about assurance. Joshua knows He is charged with taking the land. They have not had one battle yet; but, here on the other side of the Jordan, as his feet touched the Promised Land, God shows him the victory. Verse 14, “. . . ‘I am the commander of the army of the Lord. Now I have come.’ . . . ‘What does my lord say to his servant?’” The very same thing the presence of the Lord said to Moses in the burning bush, “You are on holy ground. Take off your sandals.”

Prayer: Father, we all have our Jerichos. Some of have battles that seem to be bigger than life. In the natural, there may be no way toward victory. Teach us to hear Your voice. Speak to us. Show us Your battle plans. Teach us obedience. Teach us to walk by faith and not by sight. Teach us to walk in the spiritual and not the natural. And, Lord, when our walls fall down flat, when You win the victory, may we give You all the glory. Help us always understand it is Your battle, it is Your plan, it is Your victory. Amen.

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