Happy New Year to Happy Easter!

The Ezra Project is offering a new Bible reading plan, Happy New Year to Happy Easter! Starting on January 1st and ending on Easter Sunday, April 17th, we will dwell in The Writings of Solomon and The Writings of John, the first two books in the Day by Day Through the Bible book series.

During the first 53 days, we will be in The Writings of Solomon: the 31 Proverbs in January, the 12 chapters in Ecclesiastes during the first half of February, the 8 chapters of Song of Solomon during Valentine’s, and then the 2 Psalms attributed to Solomon – Psalms 72 and 127.

On day 54, we will begin 50 days in The Writings of John: the 22 chapters of Revelation, the 7 chapters of 1, 2, 3 John, and the 21 chapters in the Gospel of John, finishing with the Easter story leading right into Easter.

The Writings of Solomon and The Writings of John will guide your congregation from Happy New Year to Happy Easter. The plan can be accessed via audio, digital, or printed material:

  • Audio Daily Devotion recordings of each book available with a subscription to Club 365…Deeper Daily Devotion on the ADDBIBLE app. Club 365 contains an archive of audio recordings and written devotions of all 66 books of the Bible. Get all this for only $6.99 per month. Sign up here.
  • Printed books of Solomon are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Books-a-Million, and other online book distributors. The prices is $18.99 plus applicable shipping and handling.
  • Discounted prices for the printed books of Solomon and John are available for $16.99. Order your copy here.
  •  Electronic versions (Kindle, etc.) will be available for $6.99 each.


Join this exciting and fun kickoff to 2022! And to keep Bible reading exciting, we will follow Easter by offering 94 days in The Writing of Paul, followed by 165 days in The Writings of Moses to finish the year. Bite-sized pieces of daily Bible reading in 2022!

 This is a great program for home groups. Books come in boxes of 20. The Writings of Solomon and The Writings of John are now available. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information to buy by the box.