Ezra Project

The Ezra Project began in 2002 with a vision to connect God’s people to God’s Word, by encouraging Christians to engage in the Bible daily. Our goal is to significantly increasing Bible engagement in the Body of Christ. Since 2002, thousands of people committed to daily Bible reading and over 100,000 plays of ADDBIBLE® have been heard around the world. We offer inspiring presentations and helpful resources to churches and individuals.

Founder and President Allen J. Huth started reading the Bible at age 15, after God saved his life physically and spiritually in a tragic car accident. That night, God led him to His Word, a Bible on his bedroom bookshelf. Allen has been a daily Bible reader ever since. His practice of daily Bible reading withstood the rigors of high school, college, raising a family, working in government, business, and non-profit organizations. To hear Allen’s story of beginning the Ezra Project and ADDBIBLE®, click here.

Since 2002, Allen has given Ezra Project messages in over 250 churches, retreats, and other venues. He is a frequent guest on Christian radio, encouraging listeners to read or listen to God’s Word daily.

The Ezra Project is a tax exempt, nonprofit corporation headquartered in Aurora, Colorado.

To learn more about the Ezra Project, schedule an inspiring message, or order resources, please contact us.