Club 365 gives me peace. I love your devotions and when you talk about your journals. I love the various readers. Sometimes I listen to up to 12 chapters at a time! – Ginny

Club 365…Deeper Daily Devotions is one of the most flexible, most comprehensive, and most applicable Bible devotion treasures available anywhere in the world. Club 365 contains audio recordings and written downloadable devotions so you can read or listen to the Bible the way you want, when you want. Listen or read a chapter of Scripture (about 10-15 minutes a day) with insightful comments and applications on every book of the Bible, chapter by chapter. Use it individually in your personal devotion, or use it to participate in a home group, Bible study, or Sunday school. Club 365 will draw you closer and deeper to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through meaningful engagement in the Bible. Club 365 allows you to design your daily devotion the way you want, when you want, and how you want, 365 days a year! Join Club 365…Deeper Daily Devotions here or from our ADDBIBLE® app. You can cancel anytime.


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