Bible Reading Journals

Bible reading journals contain daily Bible reading schedules. Readings schedules cover a full year, but start the day you start. Journals do not start on January 1 and end on December 31, you fill in the days as you read along. Order a journal at the resources page on our website or call the office.

The Chronological Bible Reading Journal features a chronological reading schedule you can start anytime. This is the easiest way to read chronologically without buying a new Bible. The Bible is not organized chronologically, but it is an enlightening way to read the Bible.

The Trio Bible Reading Journal is a versatile Bible companion featuring three different ways to read the Bible. Choose to read a New Testament passage each day, an Old Testament passage each day, or both. Using the Trio Bible Reading Journal, you can read through the whole New Testament in one year, the whole Old Testament in one year, or the whole Bible in one year!

Each journal features:

  • A daily Bible reading schedule
  • Informative sections on English Bible translations
  • Bible reading tracker
  • Additional methods of Bible reading
  • Prayer list pages
  • Journaling tips
  • 200 journal pages