Most Christians want to read the Bible more. The top three reasons Christians fail are:  we don’t carve out time, we don’t understand what it means, and we don’t know how it applies to our lives. ADDBIBLE® answers all three by using our ears instead of our eyes. Listen to the Bible commuting to work, walking the dog, doing the dishes.

Each episode contains a full chapter of Scripture (or more) with commentary by Allen J. Huth, President of The Ezra Project. Allen provides insights and applications on every passage in ADDBIBLE® from his personal Bible reading journals. You not only hear a Bible passage, you gain insights into that passage and dig deeper into its applications to life.

Starting January 1, 2020, ADDBIBLE® began a journey through the whole Bible, alternating two Old Testament and one New Testament book to conclude in 2022. For example, Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, then Leviticus, Numbers, Mark, and so on. However, you can jump on any time and enjoy an audio daily devotion of the 66 Books of the Bible. ADDBIBLE® is offered free from our website or in your app store.

ADDBIBLE®, Past Seven Days

Free Daily Bible Passages, Comments, and Applications from God’s Word