I did have a chance to listen to ADDBIBLE and to be honest, I am going to continue to do so. It’s a pretty balanced, nuanced, personalized look at chapters of the Bible. And it kept me engaged. I loved how you ended the chapter and commentary with a prayer as well. – Cassia

Let the Bible intersect your life with ADDBIBLE, audio daily devotions. In 10-15 minutes day, you will hear at least a full chapter of Scripture, understand what it means, and know how it applies to your life. Listen to the Bible commuting to work, walking the dog, doing the dishes. ADDBIBLE is offered free from our website or in your app store.

Each episode contains commentary by Allen J. Huth, President of The Ezra Project and former President of The Gideon’s International. Allen provides insights and applications on every passage in ADDBIBLE from his personal Bible reading journals. You not only hear a Bible passage, you gain insights into how that passage intersects with your life. Consistent Bible engagement begins to change your from the inside out. You can jump on any time and enjoy an audio daily devotion of the sixty-six books of the Bible.

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