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The Ezra Project is a tax exempt, nonprofit corporation headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. Our mission is to connect God’s people to God’s Word, by encouraging Christians to engage in the Bible daily. Our goal is to significantly increasing Bible engagement in the Body of Christ. Since 2002, thousands of people committed to daily Bible reading and over 180,000 plays of ADDBIBLE® have been heard around the world. We offer inspiring presentations and helpful resources to churches and individuals.

The Ezra Project began April 1, 2002 with a vision to connect God’s people to God’s Word. It was conceived in the living room of founder Allen J. Huth and his wife Terry, with a few pastors and businessmen concerned about the spiraling downward trends of personal Bible reading among Christians.

A message was designed to present in churches, retreats, conferences, and small groups to convict and encourage audiences to get back to daily Bible reading. At the end of each message, a Bible Reading Commitment Card was distributed asking if the person committed to daily Bible reading or not. On average, in all audiences, about two-thirds, 66% committed to daily Bible reading. To God be the glory!

Bible Reading Journals were published to supplement Bible reading commitments and offer reading plans and discipline to daily time in God’s Word. Journaling is an active way to engage in daily devotions, satisfying those with a kinesthetic (active involvement) learning disposition.

After fourteen years of delivering such messages, the Lord stirred our hearts and ADDBIBLE® was born in 2017. The advent of ADDBIBLE® was to meet the needs of busy Christians, by putting Bible passages and teaching, on smartphones so they could listen daily to God’s Word while multi-tasking—driving, walking, exercising, etc.

Each episode of ADDBIBLE® was transcribed, morphing into written daily devotions called DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE BIBLE. With ADDBIBLE® and DAY BY DAY, we have ways for either auditory or visual learners to engage consistently and successfully in God’s Word.

The Ezra Project is rapidly becoming the “go to” place for daily devotion resources by meeting the needs of all three learning styles. Our prayer is, however you learn kinesthetic, auditory, or visual, you will find a tool for your use from the Ezra Project. And, by using our tools, you will not only enjoy a portion of God’s Word each day, but will spread the Word, by recommending the Ezra Project to others.

Our Core Values:

  • Be led by the Holy Spirit
  • Rely on Biblical principles
  • Act with integrity
  • Demonstrate a servant’s heart
  • Honor God


To learn more about the Ezra Project, schedule an inspiring message, or order resources, please contact us.

Allen J. Huth

Founder and President Allen J. Huth started reading the Bible at age 15, after God saved his life physically and spiritually in a tragic car accident. That night, God led him to His Word, a Bible on his bedroom bookshelf. Allen has been a daily Bible reader for over 50 years. The practice of daily Bible reading has withstood the rigors of high school, college, raising a family, working in government, non-profit organizations, and business.


Allen worked on the staff of the Colorado state legislature, was Vice President of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and was a partner in a business consulting firm, before starting the Ezra Project in 2002.


Since 1980, Allen has been an active volunteer in The Gideons International. He served for nine years on the Executive Committee; three years as International President, three years as International Vice President, and three years as International Treasurer. He also served six years on the International Cabinet as a USA Zone Trustee and four years on the International Extension Committee overseeing the activities of Gideons in 19 countries throughout Asia and the South Pacific. Allen has visited over 50 countries and had speaking engagements on every continent.

image1He married his high school sweetheart, Terry, over 47 years ago. They have three adult children and five grandchildren, and reside in Parker, Colorado.





Gwynne W. Olson

Gwynne W. Olson serves as Operations Manager. She is responsible for audio, video, and copy editing, website and app design and maintenance, and marketing campaigns. She initially volunteered in 2008 so she would be held accountable to reading God’s Word daily and quickly discovered being in God’s Word gives her a peace that passes all understanding. She married her college crush, Bill, in 2015. They reside in West Columbia, Texas.

Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people into a dynamic relationship with God. Using radio, TV, the Internet and other media, we share the Gospel message and help Christians grow to spiritual maturity.

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Order Bibles and Scriptures directly from International Bible Society.

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Shepherd’s Heart Ministry

We are a ministry that provides Ministry Leaders such as Bishops, Pastors, Priests, Clergy, Rabbi’s, Missionaries and Church staff with individual, marriage and crisis counseling in the United States and across the globe.


The Gideons International

Our sole purpose is to win men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through association for service, personal testimony, and distributing the Bible in the human traffic lanes and streams of everyday life.


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