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Chronological Bible Reading Schedule

The Chronological Bible Reading Schedule features a chronological reading schedule you can start anytime.
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The Chronological Bible Reading Schedule is taken out of the Chronological Bible Reading Journal and features a chronological reading schedule you can start anytime. Reading the Bible Chronologically gives you a unique, fresh approach to your Bible reading. This Schedule is the easiest way to read chronologically without buying a new Bible. If you don’t want the Chronological journal, the Schedule is for you. It also contains a place for prayer requests. This schedule is a perfect companion for your Bible.

About the Author

In 2002, Allen formed The Ezra project to connect God's people to God's Word after career stops on the Colorado legislative staff, the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, and a business consulting firm. Allen has served as a volunteer with The Gideons International since 1980, including international president from 2019-2022. He and his wife Terry reside in Parker, Colorado.

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