Listen to audio recordings (about 10 minutes a day) of the Bible the way you want in the ADDBIBLE app. Each episode contains a full chapter of Scripture (or more) with commentary by Allen J. Huth, President of the Ezra Project.

Gain insights into Bible passages and dig deeper into their applications to life. Listen while walking the dog, exercising, commuting to work, or mowing the lawn. Find the ADDBIBLE app in your App or Play Store.

The DAY by DAY THROUGH the BIBLE 7-book series covers a chapter of Scripture with insightful comments and applications on every book of the Bible, chapter by chapter. The first two books in the series, The Writings of Solomon and The Writings of John, are available!

Bible reading journals contain daily Bible reading schedules. Readings schedules cover a full year but start the day you start. You fill in the days as you read along. We offer two Bible reading journals. The Chronological Bible Reading Journal features a chronological reading schedule you can start anytime. The Trio Bible Reading Journal is a versatile Bible companion featuring three different ways to read the Bible.

Journaling your Bible reading will change the way you read the Bible!

The Ezra Project vision is to connect God’s people to God’s Word, by encouraging you and your family to engage in the Bible daily.