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Audio Daily Devotions

"I did have a chance to listen to ADDBIBLE and to be honest, I am going to continue to do so. It's a pretty balanced, nuanced, personalized look at chapters of the Bible. And it kept me engaged. I loved how you ended the chapter and commentary with a prayer as well."

“As you read God’s Word, and then read the wisdom Allen has received from God’s Spirit through God’s Word, your heart and soul will be fed in new ways – and you will find practical application of God’s Word to your life.”
— John Snyder, lead pastor, Crossroads Community Church

"Club 365 gives me peace. I love your devotions and when you talk about your journals. I love the various readers. Sometimes I listen to up to 12 chapters at a time!"
— Ginny

Bible Reading Journals

"I picked up two copies of the Ezra Project journals a couple years ago. I have since read through the Bible twice and have filled both journals with notes. The first time I just read the Bible through Genesis to Revelation. The second time I used your chronological directions and really appreciated reading it that way. Samuel, Kings, Chronicles and the Psalms and the Prophets became even more meaningful. Blessings!"
— Judy

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The Ezra Project vision is to connect God’s people to God’s Word, by encouraging you and your family to engage in the Bible daily.