Audio Daily Devotions

Download ADDBIBLE®, a free audio daily devotional of a chapter or more each day, with commentary on each passage, applications to life, and a prayer, which can all be done in about 10-minutes a day. This is the most unique, inspirational audio devotion offered today. To listen now, click the Learn More button below.

Downloadable daily devotionals of each Book of the Bible for serious Christians. In-depth quiet time with comments and personal life applications that make the Bible come alive like never before; it's different from any daily devotion or Bible study out there.

Deepen your daily devotion by accessing audio and/or written devotions of all 66 books of the Bible. Club 365 offers a chapter by chapter breakdown of Scripture, with comments and applications, all in 10-15 minutes a day, 365 days a year. Each daily devotional comes from an archive of audio ADDBIBLE® recordings and written, downloadable Day By Day Through The Bible devotions. This is the most comprehensive daily devotion resource in the world.

Bible Reading Journals

With annual reading plans, the Chronological or Trio Bible Reading Journal guides you through the Bible daily. Taking notes will change your journey through the Bible. Click the link below to purchase a Bible Reading Journal to use during daily devotionals.

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The Ezra Project

Our mission is to connect God’s people to God’s Word so you can live a Biblical life filled with purpose, direction, and peace. Our goal is to significantly increase reading or listening to God’s Word by providing the best daily devotional resources on the planet. You get busy, don’t have enough time to read your Bible, or maybe you try to understand Scripture and it’s too hard. Spending time in the Bible each day has never been easier with our Bible reading plans and resources.