Connecting God’s People to God’s Word

Since 2002, we have seen over 20,000 commitments to daily Bible reading by speaking in churches and other venues encouraging people to ignite their passion for God’s Word. We equip churches and individuals with resources to excite them to read their Bibles. Why schedule the Ezra Project to speak at your church or men’s group? The Bible in America: 6-Year Trends, a comprehensive study of Americans’ attitudes and behavior toward the Bible, by The Barna Group, tells us why:

• Skepticism toward the Bible continues to rise. Since 2009, Bible reading has become less widespread, especially among young adults. As more millennials become adults, the national average will continue to weaken.

• From our Ezra Project surveys and prior Barna research, we know that only 15% of Americans read the Bible daily. People do not read because they are too busy.

• Nearly 60% of Americans do not read the Bible, even on a monthly basis. People tend to turn to the Bible only when they want to be closer to God or need comfort or direction for their lives.

So what keeps people from reading the Bible on a consistent basis? Busyness. Actually, most Americans want to read the Bible more, they just don’t know how to make time, they don’t understand it, and they don’t know how it applies to their 21st century life. The Ezra Project addresses all three issues in our messages. That’s why over 60% of those who hear an Ezra Project message commit to daily Bible reading!